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Infrastructure: Nitoukou gymnasium under construction

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It was awaited and welcomed with pomp and solemnity. The laying of the foundation stone of the volleyball gym in Nitoukou, a locality located in the Bokito district, Mbam and Inoubou division, has been effective since Thursday, 24 January 2019. Present for the occasion, the officials of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation and local authorities (Subdivisional Officer, Mayor and traditional rulers) took part in these festivities. For the mayor of the Nitoukou municipality, this project is in line with the seven-year period of great opportunities. "We are in the seven-year period of great opportunities. It is precisely with a view to boosting this momentum that I sought the support of the CVBF and the agreement of the National Olympic Committee to carry out this project in my municipality. It will first be a volleyball field. We are also thinking of creating a sports complex where many learners from other regions will come to compete. We are in the realization of great opportunities here in Nitoukou," she said.

For his part, the Subdivisional Officer of Bokito, Joseph Djounda, welcomes this initiative and shows his interest.  "The implementation of this project is not only important for the Nitoukou community. But also, for the whole of Mbam and Inoubou division. You know that the Head of State emphasizes living together, unity and diversity. This vision is shared by the CVBF, which demonstrates it through its actions on the field. The proof, after the construction of the Assala I volleyball field, is that another project is taking shape.  We hope that this initiative will be useful and beneficial to the local populations," he reacted after the laying of the first stone of the gymnasium.

For Emmanuel Toko, representative of the President of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation at this ceremony, this project to be carried out is part of the action plan of the Federation's Executive Board. "It should make it possible to bring specific elements to the demand for infrastructure in this area of the country where we find potential within the discipline. The choice of Nitoukou is not insignificant. Some of his children were among Cameroon's elite volleyball players. As an illustration, the Denguessi family, well known in Cameroonian volleyball because of the honourable performance of children with national teams.  As soon as we received the request from the Nitoukou Municipality, the Cameroon Volleyball Federation hastened to set up the first steps of an agreement that was reached with the blessing of the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee. The federation is thinking of multiplying this type of initiative," he says.

This architectural jewel is under construction at the Nitoukou public school. The site has already been developed by experienced engineers who are at work. "In terms of size, we have a total surface area that goes from 26 m by 17 with an occupancy area of 15m by 9. The unoccupied surfaces are 3m 50 on all four sides. The strings installed allow the cutting of the four corners of the stadium. It is from these angles that we will make a vertical projection of the height of the strings installed on the ground. Thereafter, the system of paving the plates will take over," argues the chief engineer in charge of building this structure. According to forecasts, the site could be handed over on March 8.


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